THE CURE X UNDERGROUND {2 FLOORS} Just Like Heaven in DTLA – Friday, May 26 – Memorial Weekend Kickoff!


THE CURE X UNDERGROUND ⚡ Just Like Heaven in DTLA!! ⚡ FRI MAY 26 {2 FLOORS} Memorial Weekend Kicoff

Attention, Love Cats! Friday (May 26), we’re hosting an event to honor THE CURE hosted by AndyTheCureFan + DJ Larry G & DJ Liz O. bringing you 2 FLOORS of great music!

Underground pays tribute & celebrates the music of THE CURE. THE CURE, the band whose “Lullaby” kept us up at night and whose “Lovesong” had us racing to the dance floor. Get ready to geek out as it will be “Just Like Heaven” for fans of The Cure at Underground’s Cure Night.

Underground will satisfy your Cure cravings with hit singles, not-forgotten album cuts, B-sides and side projects while AndyTheCureFan has curated some amazing giveaways including shirts, DVDs & posters!. Red lipstick and teased hair encouraged. Trainers optional.

**2 FLOORS**

**THE CURE Massive Photo Back Drop**

**THE CURE Collectable Posters**

**THE CURE T-Shirts**


**ROBERT SMITH life size cutout will make a appearance so come get a selfie with him**